StackLead is joining LinkedIn

We’re very excited to announce that StackLead is joining the LinkedIn Jobs Team. We’ll use the expertise we’ve developed building data-aggregation technology to help add every open role in the world to LinkedIn. As part of this transition, we will stop offering our service to you.

Over the past year, we’ve automatically researched millions of leads on behalf of our customers. We set out to build a lead processing engine that collects and structures data across the web and intelligently merges disparate information to qualify and prioritize sales leads. We went through the Y Combinator program in January 2014 and are eternally grateful to our network of batchmates and investors. By joining forces with LinkedIn, we are going to apply our expertise and scale our efforts to help people and businesses connect with the right opportunities.

Since StackLead will be joining LinkedIn and we’ll be ending our service, all customer data will be permanently deleted in two months (on December 1, 2014). You may export your account data as a CSV on the Settings page. We’ve disabled new signups, but will continue to offer StackLead to paying customers free of charge for the next two months.

To all of our customers, thank you for believing in our team – it’s been a pleasure working with you. Also, thank you to our mentors, investors, friends, and family.

Team StackLead

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  1. “Since StackLead will be joining LinkedIn and we’ll be ending our service”. What a shame that LinkedIn is killing another promising service that they acquire, like Rapportive, which is now totally decimated compared to what it was previously.

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