StackLead Dashboard: See the big picture

Using integrations like our Salesforce connector or Google Spreadsheet Add-on, many StackLead customers access our business intelligence research without a good way to know what leads they’ve already researched. We’re now launching a new interface to see all of your leads that StackLead has researched: the StackLead dashboard.

StackLead Dashboard


The StackLead Dashboard lets you search your leads based on email address, company, industry, job title, and location.  You can also sort your leads by date and rank them using the StackLead Score or the number of employees.  Finally, click on any of the leads to access the complete API response for that particular email address.  Here are a few great ways to take advantage of the dashboard:

  • Identify high value leads that have fallen through the cracks – Just sort by score!
  • Review all daily and weekly leads by score – Use the date filter and sort by score.
  • Find all the signups or users from a specific company.
  • Grab all of the San Francisco Bay Area leads.

You can signup for a StackLead premium research plan to access the dashboard and other StackLead integrations here.  Feel free to Tweet any questions!

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