Special Offer in the Yesware Deal Room

Have you tried Yesware? It’s an awesome sales toolbox that we love at StackLead. Here’s their official description:

Yesware is an email productivity platform that helps salespeople work more effectively, right from their inbox. 

Once you install Yesware in Gmail, you can track email opens and clicks, share email templates with your team, and track email performance for your entire sales org. Even better, you can quickly integrate Gmail, Google Calendar, and Salesforce. We’ll write a more in-depth post shortly on how to easily combine Yesware with StackLead’s Salesforce integration, but Yesware is great for getting new reps more productive in less time.


We’re excited to announce two specials. First, if you don’t have Yesware, head to this landing page for 3 months free of Yesware Enterprise (that’s 100% free, including all of the premium features like Salesforce sync). Second, for current Yesware customers, check out the StackLead special in the Yesware Deal Room for 20% off any of our paid plans for 1 year.

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