Qualify leads on your website with StackLead.js

When someone signs up on your site, do you get an empty email that looks like this?


We used to waste lots of time with Google and LinkedIn searches to figure out who signed up with a random Gmail address. Even worse, we’d sometimes skip this research and new signups would slip through the cracks. To avoid this hassle and help you close more sales, StackLead rapidly qualifies your inbound signups and sends you a research report based off their email address:


We just launched a new way to start qualifying your signups and sales leads. Our JavaScript snippet (available on Github), is the easiest way to send leads straight from your website to StackLead. It monitors forms on your site and automatically sends the lead’s info to the StackLead API. Using a signup’s email address, and optionally other details you capture, we gather all the research you need to figure out if the lead is a good fit for your product.

You can read about how to add StackLead.js to your site in the docs. You’ll need to register and grab your client key from the settings page.

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