New Feature – Daily Summary Emails

We’re excited to announce daily lead summaries, one of our most requested features. Every morning, you’ll receive a summary email with your top 10 leads from yesterday based on their StackLead Score.  SaaS though leaders like Jason Lemkin and Patrick McKenzie stress the importance of understanding lead velocity – how new prospects are entering the top of the funnel. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so here’s an example summary: Sample Daily Summary   These email summaries provide a daily dashboard of your lead velocity.  For every person who signs up on your site, we research their email address (via email forwarding, API, Salesforce, etc.) and return complete profiles for your top leads from the previous day.  Each of these profiles includes their name, company and website, location, job title, company size, and fundraising details. You can also view their LinkedIn profile by clicking a lead’s name or send them an email via the large orange buttons. We’ve been testing the daily summary emails internally and just enabled them for a larger group of customers.  You can modify your daily email settings on the Settings page.  If you run a SaaS business and want deeper insight into your lead velocity, start a free trial of a StackLead premium plan.

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