Customize StackLead Email Alerts

StackLead email reports deliver everything you need to know about new leads straight to your inbox. You can forward your internal signup emails, drop StackLead.js onto your website, or use our email API and we’ll send you a complete research report on each new lead and their company. This research report contains details like a lead’s role, location, and company size (i.e. number of employees and funding status), and also links to social media sites and other sources with additional data.


StackLead Research Report


As you gain more and more leads, these reports can create too much noise in your inbox. To help prioritize your leads and answer the question “Who are the most important people I need to contact?” we introduced the StackLead score. Now you can use this score to filter which email reports get sent to your inbox. If you set a higher score threshold, then we’ll only send you an email for leads that have a higher budget and buying authority. This way, you can cut down on the number of emails in your inbox and focus in on the most important leads for the day.

To customize the score threshold, head over to the Email settings page. A threshold of 2 ensures that we found some data for the lead, while a threshold of 6 will only send email reports for decision makers or leads from large companies. Drag the slider to configure the score threshold:


Lead Score Threshold


If you spend time researching each new signup on your site, register here and get an in-depth report delivered to your inbox for every important lead.

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