3 Keys for Precise Outbound Emails

Yesware is a premium email productivity toolkit and they’re offering a special for new customers. We’ve partnered to offer 20% off any StackLead automated research plans in the Yesware Deal Room. Here’s how StackLead and Yesware combine to supercharge outbound email campaigns.


Personalized subject lines drive a 17% higher clickthrough rate. If you’re not personalizing every email, you’re leaving money on the table. Fortunately, you can use StackLead and Yesware to rapidly automate this process. To walk through a concrete example, here’s how to add personalization classic Cold Calling 2.0 technique.

Dakota Profile

1) First, collect emails for high-level decision makers who can help you navigate to the right contact at a target company. If you sell to startups or mid-size companies, this is often a founder or CEO, but, depending on your customer profile, it could also be a VP Sales or Marketing Manager.

2) Second, take your list of emails and run it through the StackLead Google Spreadsheet Add-on. This will append a complete social profile to the contact. For each email address, we crawl the web and grab the research data to turn damckenzie@gmail.com into Dakota at Yesware (even if they don’t show up in Rapportive or you’re not connected on LinkedIn).

StackLead Research Results

3) Third, head over to Gmail and hit Yesware’s big green Mail Merge button.

Yesware Mail Merge Button

Here’s an effective intro template:

Subject: Intro to {!company_name}

Hi {!first_name},

I’m the head of business development at Company X and looking to get in touch with the right contact at {!company_name}. Could you please refer me to the person in charge of [quick pain point summary for your product]?

Thanks in advance,
Sales rep

Now you can kickoff this campaign with 100 (or 1,000) new prospects for the month and feed the top of your funnel with a targeted list of outbound leads. Smart personalization – including the contact’s company and first name – increases the response rate and improves this initial dialogue.

Know thy Customer

A big part of winning B2B deals is understanding how your product fits into existing workflows and SaaS solutions. For example, StackLead’s Salesforce integration lets you qualify and assign leads inside the CRM. And Yesware also offers tight syncing between Google Apps and Salesforce. In both cases, understanding our customers’ current sales productivity setup helps us make an effective pitch.

SaaS Landscape

Here’s another solid example of using Yesware’s Mail Merge and StackLead research to know thy customer and run a precise outbound campaign. Imagine you sell a social media marketing product and just built a new Marketo integration. You have a customer list, mailing list, and a few hundred new leads you haven’t reached out to.

1) First, run these lead lists through our spreadsheet add-on or developer API. Filter the results based on the “tools” response – the software products and ad technologies that your prospects and customers currently use and StackLead can detect on their websites.

2) Second, setup another Yesware Mail Merge with a template like:

Subject: Your Marketo Setup at {!company_name}

Hi {!first_name},

I was just on your website and saw that you’re using Marketo for marketing automation. We just built a new Marketo integration that helped companies like Company Y increase their Twitter followers by 20% in the first month.

If you’re also focused on building your social media presence, do you have some time this Tuesday or Thursday afternoon for a quick call?

Sales rep

In a 3-sentence email and personalized subject line, you can really demonstrate that you know your customer and have done your homework to make sure your product will deliver results. This precise outbound campaign can play a big part of a winning SaaS sales strategy.


At this point, you’ve learned how to personalize and demonstrate your customer knowledge through Yesware and StackLead-powered outbound email campaigns. One of the Yesware’s best features is the ability to track and analyze the entire email pipeline. Yesware’s Mail Merge lets you take advantage of this through powerful follow-ups (called “Stages”) if your recipients don’t reply.

Can you hear me now?

A quick note on sales follow-up. A typical B2B customer is bombarded with pitches and it often takes 5-10 touches for them to even remember your product, let alone make a purchase. We love this post from the Close.io team on staying persistently friendly and making 5 follow-ups in the first month.

With Yesware, you can automatically send prompt follow-ups if your targets don’t reply. You can read more on their blog post here.

Wrap Up

Here are the 3 keys for precise emails for any company looking to ramp their outbound sales process:

  1. Personalize the message with the prospect’s name and company to increase open rates
  2. Know thy customer – show that you’ve done your homework and sell as part of a broad SaaS solution
  3. Follow-up consistently with customers to capture their attention

If you’re ready to get started with precise outbound emails, signup today for Yesware and the StackLead special in the Deal Room.

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